Welcome to Friends of Moma Hospital!

This is a dedicated effort in partnership with Medical Benevolence Foundation to rebuild an 80-year-old hospital in the remote southwestern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

After you have explored this website, please become a “friend” of Moma Hospital by clicking on the “Become a Friend” link to the right. Visit us regularly to see the progress being made in bringing this hospital back to life.


Moma Suffers from Militia Raids

Twenty-year-old Kaluvu was forced to flee her village near Moma when rebel militiamen began burning homes and killing people in nearby villages. Her family fled to a nearby forest where they were able to find safety from the killing. However, … Continue reading

It Takes a Village. . .

Moma Hospital has received 100 caps for newborns, thanks to the hard work of Beth Reinhold Gold, the daughter of former Congo missionaries. Beth, who has worked with mothers and their new babies as a lactation consultant for 37 years, … Continue reading

Medicines Reach Moma Hospital

We are so delighted and thankful to announce that the first supply of medicines has arrived at Moma Hospital.Thanks to the generosity of so many people who answered our call in January for funds, we were able to send $4,000 … Continue reading

Medicines for Moma Campaign

Shelves that were full of medicines more than a year ago are now empty at Moma Hospital’s pharmacy. Dr. Jeff Mukendi, Medical Director at Moma, said in a recent email that it has been 8 months since the hospital has … Continue reading